Eddie Angel Discography

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Eddie Angel's GEAR (by band)

Los Straitjackets

Dipinto Galaxie
Fender Vibroluxe
Everly Strings

The Martian Denny Orchestra

Dipinto Galaxie
Fender Strat '59 reissue

The Neanderthals

Jerry Jones Longhorn

The Planet Rockers

Fender Strat '59 reissue
Fender '59 Bassman reissue

other stuff

60's Mosrite 12 string
'66 Gibson 335
Fender Squier
Hofner Beatle Bass
Epiphone sg
Harptone acoustic guitar
Fender Strat by Tex Rubinowitz
Fender Tele by Tex Rubinowitz
Fender Princeton reverb