Eddie Angel Bio page

Eddie Angel grew up in a house where Elvis records were constantly playing courtesy of his two older sisters. His brain was wired to play like Scotty Moore by the time he picked up a guitar at age 12. His early musical education was rounded out by a copy of "Play Guitar with the Ventures" and by wearing out every Beatles record he owned.

Today,Eddie tours the world with Los Straitjackets, internationally renowned instrumental combo.They have appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien six times, been nominated for a Grammy and have their music in TV shows and movies.

He lives in Nashville with his wife Melanie ,who runs Spinout Records and is a co-promoter of 60's festival Las Vegas Grind and Chicago Exotica


Los Straitjackets, The Martian Denny Orchestra, The Neanderthals, The Planet Rockers

Recording credits

Robert Gordon, Eddy"The Chief"Clearwater, Ronnie Dawson, Marshall Chapman, Tex Rubinowitz ,Billy Hancock, The Dixiecrats,The Panasonics, Martha Hull. Bob E. Rock, Deke Dickerson, Big Sandy,Hillbilly Moon Explosion,Los Rock-a-Hulas,Jeff Foxworthy

Production credits:

Robert Gordon, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, Los Rock-a-hulas

Awards and Nominations:

1996.....Nominated for Best Guitarist Nashville Nammies
1996....Inducted into the Albany NY Musicians Hall of Fame
2004.....Nominated for Grammy Category "Best Traditional Blues" for CD "Rock and Roll City" collaboration with Eddy Clearwater

Movie credits:

Songs have been used in "Meet The Parents" "Harriet the Spy" "Bats" "Psycho Beach Party" "Jimmy Neutron" "Two Days in the Valley"

TV credits:

Songs have been used in "Malcolm in the Middle" "Sex in the City" "Melrose Place" "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"


Songs have been used in "NBA Basketball" "Miller Beer" "1996 Olympics" "Popeye's Chicken"


Link Wray, Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Beatles

Favorite music:

Rock'n'Roll,Country,Jazz,Big Band,Standards,Mambo,Folk,Classical,Surf,Garage,Soul,,R&B,Bossa Nova,Blues ...as long as it was recorded before 1967

Favorite recording:

"Dream Girl"....Arthur Alexander

Favorite Contemporary Bands:

The Kaisers,The Bellfuries,The Hi-Risers,NRBQ

Favorite TV Show:

The Sopranos

Favorite Food:


Favorite Restaurant:

The Weiner Circle...Chicago

Favorite Bar:

The Ale House.....Troy,NY

Favorite Piano Bar and Polka Tavern

Nye's Polonaise Room...Minneapolis

Favorite Sport:

Baseball (NY Yankees)

Favorite Quote:

"Trust your gut...even if it's a beer gut"